Friday, 3 June 2016

30 Days Wild (Day 3) Newlands Park

When I'm asked about my favourite park in Glasgow one place is either at or pretty close to the top - Newlands Park. When I tell people this they are generally confused, usually replying where is that? In a city with so many fantastic sprawling parks and only a mile or so from the rightly celebrated Pollok and Queens Park (also Rouken Glen is only a 5 minute drive away) what could Newlands possibly have to offer? I think it's size sets it apart from the other parks - imagine a small green space designed by the Victorians. The scale doesn't negate from its beauty and its size, I'm sure, turns a lot of visitors from other parts of the city away, instead choosing places like Pollok . What you have then is a very beautiful park with a typical range of city park flora and fauna with a much smaller crowd in a much smaller space. You'll see the locals walking their dogs and playing tennis and you can often get a small town feeling especially in the lucid suburbs around the park.

More photographs of the park on my twitter: @michaelobrien22

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