Wednesday, 9 October 2019


The details of the shooting were vague. The coverage seemed focused on reporting that it occurred at a video game tournament. Iʼm not sure why thatʼs important - but itʼs important to some narrative beyond me. Multiple fatalities - the police urged people to stay away. The police created a nifty hashtag. Were they in on the story? Just point me to the bad guys. One of the videogame players got hit by shrapnel - but theyʼre ok. The shooting occurred near St. Johnʼs river.

One year, two months and one third of a day after the shooting a famous director, no one remembers their name, bought the adaptation writes of the shooting. The director was previously famous for using non-actors in the lead roles in a way to make the film seem off. This at first seemed good - that is, a good idea. The sheriff was even quoted as saying - this is good. What the people of St Johnʼs river didnʼt know was that the director was going to take the famous use of non-actors to a whole new level.

The director bought a ouija board and summoned the spirits of the victims of the shooting and cast them in the movie. The victimʼs families found this in very poor taste. Hollywood critics found the idea bad. One critic went as far as saying - ʻthe idea is badʼ. A blogger that lived near a river on the other side of the country wrote: ʻWhat the fuck is this? A fucking casper the ghost reboot? Fuck this shit?ʼ

Monday, 7 October 2019

death camp 2

autumn colour the bowed heads of munch’s figures

houseplant delivery
you fall
into a middle-class terror

distant whistle
between the reddening trees
enemy soldiers prepare a meal

you put sunflower seeds on a cow’s head and tell the child to eat

Thursday, 3 October 2019

First cold day of the season. Stroll downstream of the White Cart. The low sun nourishes. A flower lost in a field. Wander the maized suburbs of Newlands. The cold air harsh but good. Home. Take a nap.

Up. Take tea. Take more tea. I watch a horror movie about a magical board game. A car with an uber sticker pulls up outside. A cool looking neighbour jumps into the front seat. The car moves off.

Write up these notes. Edit a blog. Take a bath. My hair still wet. Skip lunch for a halloween cupcake. It was orange - the top was orange.