Thursday, 23 March 2017

Impulse to Knowledge

Watching the apple trees along the banks of the white cart I become a roast chicken and hang there with last years leaves and the odd rotten apple. In this I am tree, leaf, rotting sticky piss, puss bugged apple and a half a goddamn roast chicken upright ape hybrid. Chuck chuck. Oh me and those opposable thumbs.
The sperm leaves the blossom real fast. At the same time it becomes a foetus it makes a sandwich. No pickle, please. Chuck chuck. Eventually, with no condiments, I move beyond the becoming of this or that and even that. Now perched, whole heartedly, on the cog we named the ‘impulse to knowledge’.

facing the wrong way a daffodil

Jordan B Peterson. 45 minutes on a single paragraph of Nietzsche's Beyond Good & Evil