Tuesday, 31 December 2019

of leaves (a Ten-Link)

shrinking möbius strip
you notice the darkness
this evening

dread tightens its grip
in an opiate haze

not sure
about the curtains
a willow in the IV

as if light to the touch
an afterimage of leaves

ignoring the news
we trade eyes and ears
for lungs

turning in
on its own tail
the serpent of

original sin
one drip at a time

downcast spirits
invest in death
on the installment plan

24% APR
the last time you feel rain

with timefall
the chiral network
splits at the seams

Michael O'Brien
Hansha Teki 

Monday, 30 December 2019

Free Space (a Ten-Link)

northern lights forecast
you let the child
paint your toenails

before the windowpane
a golden dance of motes

your love
sixty-two miles
above sea level

we transgress the liminal
beyond the blue halo

cloud covered clay
the astronaut's continental

on a meteorite
on display
an ancient graffito 

finding your skeleton
we build a giraffe

scraping the cirrus
our own private

a transparent mannequin
floats over Idaho

now, a silver phallus
rockets through
free space

Michael O'Brien
Clayton Beach