Sunday, 19 April 2020

a whistle of crows feet

do you finally sink without the moon?
neptune orbiting seven drain plugs

are you dancing this weather?
in virus air bluer sky fevered dreams

will half-baked clams reclaim the beach?
the perigee of muscle memory, blindly, of course

pointing towards the abyss - does this make my butt look big? 
that huge crack produces the kindness of strangers

might I impose for a whistle of crows feet?
lip balm, that's the night, buddy.

sergeant or colonel, lieutenant? 
beer battered the humvee explodes a chicken

is the last string quartet sanitized yet?
the gel like apparition of grandma's dinner says everything

brussels sprouts, you know what time is, right?
when last checked the calories left me behind

how does a slow burning bush receive absolution?
marshmallows - what the jumping cow became 

two choices wise guy - obama or omaha?
a surfeit of clouds blinks out the mind’s eye

Ray Caligiuri, Beaverton, Oregon, USA
Michael O’Brien, Helsinki, Finland 

make the morning

winter darkness 
too big for a house 
the lion

an outside dawn light
ants ravage the pants

moving hills
with uncertainty 
we make the morning

source of spring
bounced back by
the river’s tribute

upside down 
the crows pay in r's

the past murdered
a cow settles
for chewing ennui 

Michael O’Brien, Helsinki, Finland 
Ray Caligiuri, Beaverton, Oregon, USA