Tuesday, 14 June 2016

30 Days Wild (Day 14) White Cart

Starting its course in Eaglesham the White Cart Water eventually flows into the Clyde just passed Paisley. Along its saunter it takes in the marked route 'The White Cart Route' leading from Pollok House to Holmlea House. Along this stretch I commonly spot the kingfisher's electric blue flash, Goosanders and other common water birds.

I walked this route today it's a very familiar route to me but nonetheless always interesting and engaging for its nature and rich architecture. The weather was overcast and cool but dry which is always nice. The regular bird life observed - the grey wagtails near Weir's Pumps factory are always nice to watch for a moment or two. A little further along starling fledglings quite confidently ignore me as I pass by. The river was quite low and you could see a litany of dumped goods none stranger than a shiny metallic headboard.

late spring sky -
a kingfisher's
blue flash


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