Saturday, 11 June 2016

30 Days Wild (Day 11) Queens Park

So the weekend is here and a change in the weather has inevitably arrived. For the last two weeks the weather has been hot and dry in Glasgow. With the first rain in a long time I feel somewhat reflective. Looking back on Spring, which is all but spent, and the last 10 days of 30 Days Wild I feel I've really observed and been a part of this season from the daffodils via cherry blossom to the foxglove and other flowers. It's been above warm in temperature and being outside and making the most of it has been quite easy.

I couldn't spend the whole day sitting looking back so I got my waterproof jacket back out and took a stroll to Queens Park. I always enter Queens Park at the Langside Obelisk and Glass house side even before the massive waterworks at the Victoria Road entrance commenced. I enjoy this side of the park as its generally a lot quieter and little bit more wild. The lush green of the trees  and the roses in the rose garden are at home in the returning rain - the green just that little bit more lush in appreciation. I can almost feel the joy in the damp smell of warm rain on grass. The dry weather has really taken its toll on the park especially in the smaller nature pond next to the larger model boat pond. It looks little more than a large puddle.

warm weather -
the duck's legs
growing longer

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