Monday, 13 June 2016

30 Days Wild (Day 13) Cathkin Park

Cathkin Park houses the remnants of an old football stadium, the second Hampden Park and home to the famous 3rd Lanark, surrounded by a small wooded area. It's a lesser known park, outside of history and football enthusiasts, with being quite close to the larger Queens Park but nonetheless worth seeing if you're in the area for its historic significance as well as the unique remnants of the stadium contrasted with the small wooded area. 

Today continued in its overcast grey drizzle - but it is what it is. The walk was nice though. City parks provide this weird postcard of how things are. Sure the busy roads and what have you might mute the bees but it's still there. The high rises are shadow the even tallest trees. The city park is like a little slice of the intensity and strength of the natural world; regardless of our progress it still pushes through. This aside it can simply provide a place to relax or sit for a few minutes. 

ruined stadium -
all that remains
are bird songs

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