Saturday, 25 July 2020

torn mail sail

Start out from Townsend Castle ruins. The night interrupted by lighting. I follow the Brooklee Towards the coast. Butterflies colour the journey. I regret not bringing the butterfly book I picked up in the charity shop last year. 

By midday I make it to One Tree Pass. I rest in the treeʼs shade. I eat the sandwiches I made last night. I drink the flask of tea I made this morning. Before continuing on I sharpen and clean my axe.

Just before nightfall I make it to the beach. I set up camp for the night in the dunes. I fall asleep to the waves' lull. My last sight is a shooting star. I dream of thunderbirds. I must make an offering to the gods soon.

Morning comes along - as it does. Dawnʼs rosy fingers and all that. It is pleasant to wake up beside the sea. Big bodies of water. Slow or fast river. Itʼs hard to be prejudiced towards water of any denomination. I look around. It would be great to sail on that big ocean someday. 

I enjoy writing in the morning. I take it all in. A human sized ball of red wool appears above my head. It spins out into the ocean. The air to touch. The air to touch. Soft - or nothing.

Getting ready to head out I notice a large upright beast has left footprints near the camp. I look around but whatever left the marks has long gone. I feel a sense of fear and relief.

Heading back over One Tree Pass I notice thunder clouds forming. I walk as fast as I can skirting Percy Woods but the weather breaks before I can take shelter. The pylons, quite close buy are hit by a massive bolt of lighting. It rattles them and my bones. I think of being made of steel like the pylons - it feels weird and good to think this way. Before I can gather my senses the weather changes again and the skies clear. I feel a great sense of relief.

I head south a little further and decide to stay at the stone circle south of Percy Woods. I light a fire and make an offering to the thunder gods. I burn mugwort and recite a prayer my father gave me. Will they hear me? As the night sets in I notice another shooting star. This surely is a sign? I light a pipe and think about the day.

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