Thursday, 9 January 2020

oilfaced cow emojis

Faced with a bitter north wind, do you stand behind or in front?
rainbow oilfaced cows ripple in field rut water

Why pull the world’s weight though midnight eyes?
metal detector metal detector a field bound by cow emojis

When the time comes will you replace your spleen with a carburetor?
only if I crank the shaft without the flight of bluebirds

Who drags time for the murder of crows?
His head full of clich├ęs the farmer hits repeat on the Mac DeMarco song

Another one? asks the veterinarian hiding behind time and crows.
without fear or consequences he quickly plows into them

Is it time yet to beam up the scarecrow scout?
three miles to.... next exit the alien's green thighs 

On the cover of the autumn almanac is a photo of a lost explorer,  will you doodle a willy on his head? 
with a pig’s bow tie I hoe semicircular cornfields

Next you’ll tell me there’s no gas left in the pump house diner?
Softly he wipes his mouth with the paper he wrote this poem on

Michael O’Brien, Helsinki, Finland

Ray Caligiuri, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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