Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Glasgow Wander (Mount Florida to Newlands Park)

So here's something a little different for this blog. Seen as Spring is hitting its stride it's good to get out and walk. So here's a nice short one I like in Glasgow.
Exit the station onto Battlefield Road. Cross the road and follow Brisbane St all the way down to the White Cart Water. On the particular stretch I've repeatedly seen Kingfishers. Today I saw the resident Goosanders - 2 male. 

Follow the river round till you come to a footbridge. On your right is the Weirs cricket Ground. Cross the footbridge and follow Kintore Road. Go under a railway bridge crossing over Newlands Rd. You'll meet a small green space with a play ground with crossing paths take either onto Monreith Road. Take a right and continue onto Langside Rd then take a left. Go passed the bowling green cross the road and take the first right onto Quadrant Road. Take the first right again on to Carlaverock Rd. At the end of the road you can see Newlands Park. 
Right now the pond has frogspawn. Daffodils are in bloom. Cherry trees are pink. It's a small understated park. Take your time here if you want. Lots of benches and a relaxing atmosphere. 
On the way back take a slightly different route that allows a little more time along the White Cart
In front of the Newlands church a cherry tree blooms. The contrast of pink blossom on sallow sandstone is quite striking. The river rambles on and a short stroll through a tenement street brings you back to Weir's bridge and you can follow the route back to the station


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