Saturday, 4 July 2015

Oh Wednesday :)

Oh Wednesday! What a day. A theme that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is attachment, especially attachment to the practice and such things. Well my ego caught me for a doozy the past few weeks. Out of nowhere walking in the morning sunshine following my breath the scent of flowers, bees buzzing, children skipping, beatific bliss, the revelation hits me like a big black blue wall - wallop!

The walking meditation must of allowed my ego a slight reprise and I saw it all - the marathon of delusions and with it a nice southerly scattering of anxiety and depression. In a split second the delusion was revealed and with it the ego comes back with a ping-pong 30 round boxing match. The embarrassment. All those hours staring at a wall - I should be immune, right? How I’ve justified anger, attachment, ignorance, addiction, impatience and so on and for ever and ever.

Wednesday was the definition of an off day. Old buddy ego was drenched in its warrior paint intent on fucking my shit up. The point to all of this rambling is don’t let your guard down. The ego can manifest in many ways. You’re not safe on your zafu and there is literally nothing into which the ego can’t manifest. We must put our faith and everything into following breath as it is the only way to see things as they really are.


when the snake comes out
there's a brave soldier...
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  1. thank you for sharing this, Michael. It is a great platform to share thoughts and practice. When things become cloudy in the picture, I often remove this ego-self off and look again, somehow the degree of suffering from this picture is reduced or, even better, disappeared! Both seeds of ego-ness and ego-less are planted long ago, as the environment becomes sufficient it will manifest by itself. So which seed will I want to see it grow? You are right about it, don't let the guard down, Just continue to peel the onion layer at a time.
    This is a great way to spent the weekend, taking a break from gardening, and just be. Seeing things as they really are!