Sunday, 17 May 2015

Capital Punishment

What if the death penalty is part of a cycle that causes people to inhabit a place of such suffering and disturbance that they cause such offenses in the first place? I mean isn't the death penalty, and similar ideologies, part of the problem not necessarily the solution? 

It doesn’t seem befitting of a state or governing body to act in any other way than that of a path of pure compassion or at least a path where the ultimate good is the course. Benevolence and grace above any mode of anger or vengeance. What does it say to its people if it rules in a state of corporal punishment? Lead by example. Can there exist a state where people believe revenge is an option? It is the simplest, crudest and most unhelpful way. 

Firstly the obvious problem where violence begets violence. Secondly it creates a false duality from people around us. We must move closer together towards an understanding of the interdependency we all share - whether it be culturally, environmentally or even economically. There is no me and you. There is an us, which is me and you. This is the only way to understand our shared lives. 

With this premise taken as a given what else can there be but compassion? What way to serve an act that can not be returned or rectified? That has no further repercussions of violence? In such cases it is hard to differentiate the cause from the effect. It is like looking through a lens of dirty water. The cause here is the effect and it is only a war if you say so. 


praise Buddha's
compassionate saints!
pure water


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